I performed my first stand up last night!

Yes, it’s TRUE! It was at The Comedy Lottery at Improv Boston in Central Square, Cambridge. And apparently all it takes is a beer and a half to convince me at 9:30 pm to sign up for open mic night (for the first time) with absolutely no comedic material prepared. Eeeeesh.

Please laugh for me!

Thankfully,  it went really well! Amidst my quarter-buzz at Cambridge’s local hipster dive, The Field, I figured, what the hell. If I wanna try this “comedy” thing out, then I have to give every aspect of it a try.  So I did.

I want to give a special thank you to my improv class that was there to cheer me on. Without you, and that 20 ounces of Sam Adams Lager, I never would have willingly done that.

My strategy was basically to be myself and to go with what I know. Therefore, I got up there sang some of my NASTY song parodies and made fun of my crazy friends. The whole thing was waaaay easier than I ever expected it to be and I got some genuine laughs. What more can you ask for on your first night, right?

Even better, I got an email this morning from the show host inviting me to schedule a slot for the Sunday night Open Comedy Jam! Woo!

Of course I will let the 5 of you readers know when this is scheduled as I’d love as many fake laughers in the crowd as possible. Could this be the beginning of something special?


P.S. I guess Alec Baldwin really helped.

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