Learn about the LA Douchebag Project

Just wanted to give you faithful 6 followers (yay, we’ve gained one) a heads up on one other funny bad ass blogger. Check out the LA Douchebag Project to learn about all the crazy things he’s doing (that I wish I were doing). He’s on a mission to become the ultimate Hollywood douche and he’s only about two tanning sessions and an eight ball of coke away.  He also currently has my dream job as a celebrity assistant. He literally gets to wipe his C-Lister’s ass on a daily basis. So jealous. Hopefully, he never forgets to wash her hands after.

Anyways, he’s a funny guy so at least follow him on the twatosphere: @OopsITwatted and tell him D-Nast sent you over. Maybe he’ll give you a free blowy or something. It never hurts to ask.

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