Stodden Stalkin!

It’s been awhile, folks. So lets see what our girl’s been up to.

Wow! She’s really mastered the methed-out, anorexic, slutty chair pose. Jealous.

Honestly, I find it so difficult not to make fun of this girl. I mean, I REALLY want to, but at the same time, I REALLY want to be her friend! If only she’d just follow me on twitter and we could have a little girl talk. I’m just dying to know what’s going on inside that alliteration-filled mind of hers. Well, I think I know, but I still want to hear it first hand from those perfectly glossed lips. I also bet she’d be fun to have a cocktail with and maybe go rollerskating. I bet she can rock a great roller-disco look.  Keep entertaining, Court. Keep entertaining.

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2 thoughts on “Stodden Stalkin!

  1. […] Blumpkin reminded of me of the word “pumpkin”  and then I thought of how my BFF Courtney “Pumpkin-Tits” Stodden pleases her man (stripper heels and some pasties). Pumpkin-Tits recently filmed an ad for the […]

  2. tonce says:

    She looks hot not methed out. Trust my brother is on meth.. not pretty.

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