So how was Lilo on SNL?

All in all, not the worst episode I’ve seen… Yes, in the “Scared Straight” sketch Lindsay was blatantly reading from cue cards as she fumbled her way through the act, but how high of expectations can you have for her nowadays? To be honest, I was happy she made it through an entire episode. Unfortunately, It did seem like she was a sidekick in most of the skits as opposed to the star, but overall, I didn’t think many of the skits were written that well anyways. The best sketch by far was the pre-taped Real Housewives of Disney, and then, I suppose, House Sitting (but mostly because of the always-funny Kristen Wiig). However, I truly enjoyed Lindsanity’s delivery in her opening monologue …it actually made me giggle. However, I bet she was, once again, reading cue cards.  What were your thoughts?

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