Improv 101 is Done!

The Improv 101 Class, "Where's Wendy?"

Thanks to everyone that came out to see my show last night as well as a special thanks to my teammates from 101! Everything went off without a hitch and I’ll never forget losing my improv virginity with you folks. I just hope my hymen blood didn’t stain the stage too badly.

My favorite sketch from the evening involved me and two other players as trapeze artists. Prior to the bit, the host questioned the audience for types of emotions that we could embody within the scene, to which my roommate loudly responded “EMO.”  Undoubtedly, the emotion of “emo” was selected halfway through the sketch and my quick response was to begin cutting myself as I was depressed that the other players had better trapeze skills than I did. Lol… I guess you had to be there.

The absolute highlight of my evening, however, was when I went into the audience at the end of the show to greet my friends. While chatting with a group of co-workers that came to support, I got quite the surprise. A long-lost high school friend popped out of nowhere to greet me. For privacy purposes (because my blog is OBVIOUSLY soooo popular), we’ll call her “Patty.” I honestly hadn’t seen Patty in at least 7 years, but quickly recognized the friendly face. I was so confused though. I asked her “OMG, What are you doing here? What a coincidence! Do you know anyone in the show?” To which she coyly replied, “Well, yeah. You.”  My jaw hit the floor. She had actually seen my NASTY song parody vids on YouTube and had read my blog to find out about the student showcase. Can you believe it? I have an actual FAN!

Patty and I chatted for a few and I made sure to exchange numbers. Later in the evening I sent a text to thank her for coming. She responded with “the show was so good! I hope you don’t mind i think i stalked you a little.” Do I mind!? Are you kidding me!? I’m SO delighted! I’ve always wanted a stalker! And an actual fan. Thanks, “Patty.”

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