My Very Own Jump Street

No, I’m not talking about the movie starring Hollywood Heartthrob, Jonah Hill.

It’s been a very active but exhausting weekend for the D-Nast posse. Last night I enjoyed one of the most fun activities Boston has to offer: a key party!  watching the BU men’s hockey team work out! an indoor trampoline park! SkyZone is the equivalent of an adult playground complete with giant trampolines, pizza and soda. Sounds crazy, but it was the most fun I’ve had in years days! And it only required one Four Loko to get me excited. It was a damn good workout too. You know I worked my hammies and glutes with every bounce. I was literally bouncing off the walls like the crazies sluts in this photo. I felt 19 again! And by that I mean I felt my actual age: 19.

And as if I didn’t work up enough of a sweat on those tramps, today I ran a 5K. I’ll hold for applause…K, done? Ok good.

It was worth the sweat and tears, because I ran straight from the finish line to Redbones, where we got a complimentary pulled pork sandwich and cold beer. Amazing!

What did my loyal followers do this weekend? Tell me a funny story.

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