What Happens When D-Nast is in Vegas…

D-Nast is off to Las Vegas tomorrow and what happens in Vegas … most likely happened in D-Nast’s mouth. Hah! We kid. But no, really, it most likely did.

What sort of trouble do you think I’ll get into within the first 24 hours?

  1. Drug Scandal. I’ll probably be thrown out of the Tao after illegally parking my car in the middle of the strip and for hiding a small empire of cocaine in my hopeless place.
  2. Public Nudity. The only real way to cure a hangover is a cold morning dip in the Bellagio fountain in the nude.
  3. Sexual Disgrace.  Whatever celebrities are in town this week (um, Carrot Top. What??? I love fire crotches.) better watch out! Because D-Nast will be on the prowl and is always looking to blow.

Take your pick! It’s on.  I’ll try my hardest to stay coherent enough for some spur of the moment posts. Actually, I promise it.

❤ D

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