Las Vegas Better Known As Las Crazies

I arrived in Vegas last night around 7:00 PM to about 7 messages from concerned friends. “Were you on that insane flight with the pilot foaming at the mouth and running up and down the aisles?!”  And thank the heavens all mighty, I was NOT! But I have been laughing all morning about the story. That shit cray. However, everything else about Vegas is cray too. I’ve officially renamed Las Vegas to Las Crazies. I’ve seen more fanny packs in the last 12 hours than there are vowels in this post.  Not to mention 1 out of 5 old people here are hauling around an oxygen tank with them while in the smoke filled casinos. I better not blow up due to some old hag’s slot machine addiction.

My favorite moment thus far was when I was riding a shuttle from the airport to the car rental hub. I was sitting next to a bald professional man, most likely in his late 50s, aggressively messaging on his blackberry. Being the nosey bitch that I am, I was quite thrilled to see that the message subject was “STD.”  Hahahaha, what an old dog. I continued to read the long-winded message that repeated “it was an accident” at least 3 times and let out a brief snort while sitting next to him. Made my hellish travels worth it. I can’t wait to continue people watching all day. People watching here is hilarious …better than any Cirque du Soleil shows that’s for sure.

Check out my first Vegas VLOG update!

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