Pita, Peeta, PETA, Pumpkin Eatah!

(Please enjoy the inner workings of D-Nast’s brain …getting from PITA to PETA.)

Today, while eating some pita chips and hummus (a D-Nast favorite snack …gay men love any foods that involve dipping …oh yeah, that and dessert! Plus hummus is super packed with protein, which is, by far, my favorite compound to ingest.), I began to think about another “pee-ta”  that I love, Peeta Mellark, from The Hunger Games. Then I began to fondle myself. I wondered, if Peeta was my man, how would I please him? Oral? A good Old Fashioned? A blumpkin? Blumpkin reminded of me of the word “pumpkin”  and then I thought of how my BFF Courtney “Pumpkin-Tits” Stodden pleases her man (stripper heels and some pasties). Pumpkin-Tits recently filmed an ad for the crazy-pants animal-rights cult, PETA, supporting pet adoption and vegetarianism. And this, my folks, is how D-Nast’s brain goes from PITA to PETA in 20 seconds.

Enjoy C. Stodd’s skankalicious PETA ad here and thank god I adopted my sweet Geoffrey Whiskerbottoms.

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