Amanda Bynes Earns Some Street Cred

Pose for the camera now. Click. Click.

Acclaimed She’s the Man” star, Amanda Bynes, 26 was arrested for DUI in West Hollywood early this morning.  Couldn’t the bitch at least wait until D-Nast arrives in LA on the 19th? Serves her right for starting the party without me.

Law enforcement sources say that Bynes was attempting to pass a cop car when she “sideswiped the vehicle.”   Damn girl! She was then pulled over and determined to not be fit for operating a blender let alone a mode of transportation.  According to TMZ the arrest happened at 3am.   Her booking sheet lists Bynes as 5’7″ and 125 lbs (Glad to here the cocaine diet I recommended her is working!).  Her bail was set at $5,000. Bynes has been frequenting the Hollywood party scene recently, as she should, and as D-Nast will be too in a few weeks, and has now reentered the public eye for the first time in two-three years. Congrats girl! Let’s grab a drink when I’m in town. 🙂 Kisses!

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2 thoughts on “Amanda Bynes Earns Some Street Cred

  1. artikel yang menarik. salam kenal ya 🙂

  2. […] when she tweeted a plea at President Barack Obama, maintaing her innocense from her alleged DUI in West Hollywood back in April. She asked President Obama via Twitter to fire the cop who arrested her, as if he’s got […]

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