“Ridiculously Photogenic Guy” from 10k Race Goes Viral.

25-year-old Zeddie Little of New York, ran a 10k race in Charleston, S.C. and one well-timed mid-race pic turned him into a viral phenomenon known as “Really Photogenic Guy.” Nearly 1.4 million people have viewed the picture in recent days on Flickr and it has been uploaded countless times to social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. Ugh, jealous!

Boy certainly knows how to find the light. Has he studied America’s Next Top Model as much as I have? Usually, my candid race photos look like a dying giraffe squirming to find water after just vomiting, and there’s at least a gallon of sweat waterfall-ing off my face at any given second. Zeddie looks fierce. Hopefully, he’s received the thousands of Facebook messages I’ve sent his sweet ass since this pic went viral. And hopefully he’ll take me up on that date sex offer. Do Me, Zeddie! Also, what kind of hair product do you use?

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