Fat Man Protests All-You-Can-Eat Restaurant for Cutting His Fat Ass Off

Well, someone’s certainly crazy. This ridiculous Wisconsin man was recently cut off at Chuck’s Place after he wolfed down a dozen pieces of fish at an all-you-can-eat fish fry. He then did what any red-blooded bat-shit crazy/greedy American would do: he called the police and made a picket sign.

This story embarrasses even ME. It reiterates how HORRIBLE waiting tables is, how INSANE some people are, and how much it sucks having to deal with them for $2 tips.

According to the waitress, Elizabeth Roeming, the man has been a problem at the restaurant for years, and has a substantial tab he hasn’t paid off. Honestly, this makes my blood boil. Now all my old serving nightmares of cray-crays needing 7 extra sides of tarter sauce, obnoxious children ripping up every sugar packet and crayon in sight, and old fogies needing their soups mouth-scalding hot are going to haunt my dreams for the next week. On the bright side though, I am now craving some fish and chips.

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