Tanning Mom and Her Nipples Pose for the Paps

This week “tanning mom,” Patricia Krentcil, posed (with muffin top, but sans bra) for her dear friends, the paparazzi. And we were certainly treated to some photo gems.

Krentcil has reportedly been banned from a slew of tanning salons near her hometown, Nutley, New Jersey. However, with summer right around the corner we don’t have to worry about Patricia losing her lustrous glow. Old Slim Jim can simply use the sun’s natural rays to stay dark and crisp.

Sadly, Tanning Mom posed for the cameras for a few minutes (with a Monster Energy Drink in hand, heels falling off, rolls hanging out, and nips at full mast) before her (obviously much more intelligent and classy) teenage daughter had to come outside, scold her, and haul her flat ass inside. God bless those kids. May the apple fall ever far from the tree.

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