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Harry Potter – A Bon-er Fide Do Me!

Daniel Radcliffe - EquusEveryone’s favorite Hogwarts hottie, Daniel Radcliffe, is about to make D-Nast lose his virginity mind. Because homeboy is gonna get gay for his new film, Kill Your Darlings. The film, currently showing at Sundance, is a biopic on the late gay beatnik poet, Allen Ginsberg, played by our little Harry, himself. Daniel Radcliffe even has a dirty gay sex scene in the movie! I’ll take two tickets please. The movie also features my favorite overshadowing younger sister up-and-coming star, Elizabeth Olsen. I haven’t been this happy about a Harry Potter endeavor since he humped that horse in Equus!

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Police Composite Sketch of What People Think Christian Grey Looks Like

I have three words: DO ME! PLEASE

Here’s some Fifty Shades of Grey goodness for all you desperate ladies/gays out there. British professor, Dr. Faye Skelton (who I bet beats off to the book 3 nights a week), used various parts of male celebrities faces (based on female readers’ descriptions of the book’s protagonist) to create a mug shot of your mom’s true love, Christian Grey.

Based on the male star’s names mentioned by polled women, Skelton pieced together aspects of Channing TatumBrad PittPatrick Dempsey, Johnny DeppDavid Beckham, Chris Hemsworth, and apparently Val Kilmer’s lips, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The horny professor used special software, popular amongst the British police to create composites of criminals, to complete the spank bank image.

Seriously, MHIO (my hole is open).

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