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Who Posed It Better?

Who Posed it Better: D-Nast or The Real Housewives of NYC’s Sonja Morgan

If you’re a fan of RHONY like I am, then you too love yourself some drunken Sonja “I have a taste for luxury and luxury has a taste for me” Morgan.

Which is why I was sooooo delighted to discover this week that bitch stole my twitter profile look for her own. This was EXACTLY what I wanted for my b-day! Love you Sonja ❤

Girl def looks ferosh, but you be the judge, who posed it better?

Who posed it better?

Who posed it better?

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D-Nast pops up in two videos for The Welcoming Committee!

The Welcoming Committee (TWC) is a new movement birthed from Boston’s infamous Guerrilla Queer Bar (GQB) events. GQB has always been a favorite cray and gay destination for D-Nast …let’s just say he’s had his fair share of  hand jobs kisses during GQB nights (not to mention about a 1,000 vodka-crans!).

Anyways, TWC is a movement for LGBT people to experience every bar, concert, sports game, and major travel destination the same way the straights do.  TWC is setting out to build the world’s largest LGBT community through unusually activist-y events. And this summer they’re launching Wet Hot Guerrilla Summer (a summer-long festival of GQB takeovers). Sounds fun to me! Somebody get D-Nast a Mai Tai stat (and some lube)!

Better yet, D-Nast is making a cameo in some of their Wet Hot promotional videos! Check out the first two now!

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Sarah Silverman: One New Celeb Friendship Down!

That’s right, D-Nast has only been in LA for a day and I’ve already received a special message from Sarah Silverman! Well, her assistant actually got the autograph for me and I had absolutely no contact with Sarah herself, but same thing, right? We’re total BFFs.

Girl’s such a sweetheart!

Now I’m off to The Grove for some D-Nast promotion and celeb sighting stalking.

P.S. Happy 420! And has anyone told Dave Franco I’m in town yet? Dave, I’m waiting for you! I’m staying at 6969 North La Brea between Santa Monica and Sunset. I’ll leave the door unlocked. xoxo!

“Keep shooting for the stars and then give up and get a day job or kill yourself.”
-Sarah Silverman to D-Nast! 

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Early April Fools for D-Nast

Um….so let’s talk about how gullible D-Nast is. First of all, I read this post today that my friend La Rosa wrote for Funny or Die. It’s very funny. However, the joke went entirely over my head (Dumbass. Yes, I know.). Ridiculously, I believed that Taylor Swift tweeted that (hysterical message) at Kanye via her twitter and nearly died laughing when I first saw it. In fact, I believe I snorted. Before re-posting the faux message to my blog I even went so far as looking for the actual message on T. Swift’s official twitter account, but hmmmm I couldn’t seem to find it. I wonder why? I then told myself “Oh, her management probably made her take the tweet down.”  I then continued to believe La Rosa’s post and further spread the lie onto my blog. Still not getting it. La Rosa even commented on my post immediately after, attempting to clue me in on my own idiocy, but I still didn’t seem to get it. I even responded back to her saying “Hey, yeah I know. Great post. Those celebs are so funny. I’m a fucking moron.” But still DID NOT get it. I’m literally dying laughing at this very moment. D-Nast, he’s oh so crass, but he’s a gullible mother-fucker to boot.


La Rosa, thanks for getting me so good girl. Love you. You made my day 🙂

Happy April Fools All.

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Improv 101 is Done!

The Improv 101 Class, "Where's Wendy?"

Thanks to everyone that came out to see my show last night as well as a special thanks to my teammates from 101! Everything went off without a hitch and I’ll never forget losing my improv virginity with you folks. I just hope my hymen blood didn’t stain the stage too badly.

My favorite sketch from the evening involved me and two other players as trapeze artists. Prior to the bit, the host questioned the audience for types of emotions that we could embody within the scene, to which my roommate loudly responded “EMO.”  Undoubtedly, the emotion of “emo” was selected halfway through the sketch and my quick response was to begin cutting myself as I was depressed that the other players had better trapeze skills than I did. Lol… I guess you had to be there.

The absolute highlight of my evening, however, was when I went into the audience at the end of the show to greet my friends. While chatting with a group of co-workers that came to support, I got quite the surprise. A long-lost high school friend popped out of nowhere to greet me. For privacy purposes (because my blog is OBVIOUSLY soooo popular), we’ll call her “Patty.” I honestly hadn’t seen Patty in at least 7 years, but quickly recognized the friendly face. I was so confused though. I asked her “OMG, What are you doing here? What a coincidence! Do you know anyone in the show?” To which she coyly replied, “Well, yeah. You.”  My jaw hit the floor. She had actually seen my NASTY song parody vids on YouTube and had read my blog to find out about the student showcase. Can you believe it? I have an actual FAN!

Patty and I chatted for a few and I made sure to exchange numbers. Later in the evening I sent a text to thank her for coming. She responded with “the show was so good! I hope you don’t mind i think i stalked you a little.” Do I mind!? Are you kidding me!? I’m SO delighted! I’ve always wanted a stalker! And an actual fan. Thanks, “Patty.”

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Some (BRILLIANT) Little Girl Made My Day

This morning some random 8 year old girl walked over to me and said,

“Wow, you look like a fashion model.”


How'd she know!?

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Learn about the LA Douchebag Project

Just wanted to give you faithful 6 followers (yay, we’ve gained one) a heads up on one other funny bad ass blogger. Check out the LA Douchebag Project to learn about all the crazy things he’s doing (that I wish I were doing). He’s on a mission to become the ultimate Hollywood douche and he’s only about two tanning sessions and an eight ball of coke away.  He also currently has my dream job as a celebrity assistant. He literally gets to wipe his C-Lister’s ass on a daily basis. So jealous. Hopefully, he never forgets to wash her hands after.

Anyways, he’s a funny guy so at least follow him on the twatosphere: @OopsITwatted and tell him D-Nast sent you over. Maybe he’ll give you a free blowy or something. It never hurts to ask.

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If you like me, you’ll love @LaRosaKnows

Hey D-Nast-ers,

If you love me, then you’ll also enjoy the crazy rants from my friend La Rosa Knows. She’s literally got it all: snarky personality, red hair, a life-threatening love for kittens. Honestly, this bitch endorses the use of kittens more than I do …and that says something. Make sure to check out her blog for a good giggle or simply follow her firecrotch ass on twatter: @LaRosaKnows

Also, tell her that she should adopt a cat and stop pretending like she’s not a crazy cat lady.

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