Ramona Singer Retweets D-Nast!

Everyone knows I love to get shitfaced just as much as everyone knows I love me some Real Housewives of New York City. Well, then you’ll all be happy to know that I got especially shitty this weekend off of some Ramona Singer Pinot Grigio! Of course, I felt the need to share my turtle time with my favorite housewife and in return RAMONA SINGER F’N RETWEETED ME! Chica also commented on the setting of my backyard patio: “love the setting!”

Ramona you just made my life. Cheers to you, betch!

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Funny Boats of Chicago

D-Nast was in Chicago recently and besides spending most of my time eating deep dish pizza and some deep dish ass in Boystown, I couldn’t help but notice how funny most of the boats of Chi-town were. Check out some of my inappropriate favs below.

  1. There was the seadog (aka Daddy’s favorite little juicer, the sem-dog).
  2. The Anita Dee II (You know what? I NEED a D too! I do! I’d love to S a big old D right about now).
  3. And lastly, there was the sad little river cruiser with the arrow sign saying “Welcome, American Girls.” (Date rape’s this way ladies, hop right on!) P.S. Aren’t we in America?
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Is that a Goatse on Bane’s Face?

So I finally saw The Dark Knight Rises this weekend and as I was watching I couldn’t help but wonder: is that a goatse on Bane’s face?

For those of you unaware of the world’s most magical image, the goatse, I suggest you read all about it’s fabulous history here. (I’d sure love to see the real Tom Hardy’s goatse.)

In the meantime, you be the judge!

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My Favorite National Anthem Rendition Ever

Thank god for 11 year-old singer/songwriter Harper Gruzins from Texas. My ears have never been so happy and I’ve never felt more pride for my country.

Take a listen to her lovely interesting hair-splitting rendition of our National Anthem. Your ears will not regret it. Maybe.

Listen now as Harper Gruzins destroys the National Anthem.

There are no words. Just listen.

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He Is D-Nast FINALE Episode!!!

Hey Bitches!
So after 11 glorious weeks of infecting your ears on the internet airwaves, my He Is D-Nast Radio Show has come to an end (for now). Sad, I know, but don’t worry – you can always check back here or at my Twatter to find out what I’m up to. Or you could grab that bottle of two-buck-chuck and listen to my final episode!
My D-Nast crew and I reminisce and tell funny stories about each other, intern K performs a raunchy reading of 50 Shades of Grey and we check in with our L.A. correspondent, James, to find out the latest happenings in the Hollywood Hills.
Special thanks to Boston’s UNregular Radio as well as to Improv Asylum for all of your help.
Toodles, sluts!
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Vintage Sonja Morgan!

An old modeling shot of one of my favorite Real Housewives of NYC, Sonja “I cook in a toaster oven and never wear panties” Morgan, surfaced on Bravo’s Facebook page and I couldn’t be happier!

What a fox! Someone keeps up with her bikini waxes!

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One Sick Daddy

Hey my fellow dick breaths, I just want to apologize for the lack of D-Nast posts lately. I’ve been rotten ill with the summer cold from hell. Daddy can’t even lift his head to put on chapstick. It’s miserable. I blame it on all the nasty partying and day drinking I did this past weekend. Oops. What do you expect when my BFF is in town from Los Angeles?  I had to show her a good time …therefore, that meant we went to Boston’s divey-est titty bar, the Glass Slipper. Not only did we have a blast (and a few sem-dogs), but we saw and studied a shit ton of snatch …so I guess it was worth it.

Anyways, I’m trying to rest up for my trip to Chicago this weekend where I hope to give the “windy city” some competition with my breezy asshole. Chi-town will certainly get Daddy into a few sticky situations worth sharing to the world so stay tuned.

In the meantime, watch this video and see how much I wish I had a dog just like this to soothe my illness away.

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Funny Bone(R) – Celebs Read Their Haters’ Tweets on Jimmy Kimmel Live

Apologies for the lack of posts lately, my loyal followers. Work has been cray, as has my social life and D-Nast is prepping for a 2012 world tour trip to Chitown!

I came across this video though, and had to share it with you all. Now, I know firsthand that being a celebrity on the internet is hard work. Keeping my followers satiated with constant content is already tough enough, but then batting away haters — well, that’s another full time JOB.

Jimmy Kimmel invited a bunch of celebrities (ahem, I guess my invite got lost in the mail, Jimmy!), including Justin Bieber, Katy Perry and David Spade,  to read their haters’ tweets aloud. Hilarity ensues. Watch the video below.

And if you’re not following D-Nast on Twatter, you better be now: @heisdnast!

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Kitten Shows A Doberman She’s the HBIC

This adorable kitty is a greedy top! She puts her paws up, rough housing with a Doberman at least 20 times her size. You go girl! Melts my cold icy heart. ❤

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Promo Video for Mindy Kaling’s New Show

Happy Monday morning, D-Nasters! As I mentioned on my internationally-known, internet radio show yesterday, I’m soooo excited for Mindy Kaling’s new show this fall! The Mindy Project chronicles a  young doctor who’s trying to have it all (I can totally relate) and it looks absolutely hilarious.

Mindy is one of my favorite strong female leads. Though she’s been a writer and producer on The Office for several years, she cracks me up with her one-liners as the office ditz, Kelly Kapoor.

Click here to view the video on Jezebel (and don’t think I didn’t notice the do-me-doctor at the :08 and :16 second marks! Mmmh!).

The Mindy Project premieres on Tuesday, September 25th on FOX. Set your DVRs now kiddies!

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