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Obvi, my new fav song is…

Mmm bananaBig Banana by Havana Brown, duh!

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Super Nerd Goes Bananas!

OMG geeks gone wild! This video is a must watch for anyone that’s …well, for anyone. Boy acts like he he’s on an episode of Oprah’s Favorite Things. Watch and laugh as fifteen-year-old Jack Andraka wins $75,000 for his work with pancreatic cancer early detection. …I love how even the other nerds on stage are like “Bitch, calm down.”

I’ve got two words for you Jack: CALL ME.

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D-Nast Stand Up – Deep Throating Bananas

Thanks to everyone that came out to support me at ImprovBoston on Sunday night. I did have to pay a few people to laugh, but all in all, it was a fairly decent show.  In case you missed it I have another improv student showcase coming up in a couple of weeks on May 14th.  If you’re in to watching me get freaky deaky in a group setting, buy tix for that show here.

Anyways, Sunday’s show went as smoothly as the recent Nairing of my ass. (If not smoother.) This time I made sure  to cover some controversial,  hot-topic American issues such as “t-shirts that don’t fit,” “deep throating bananas,” and of course, “recycling.”

Check it out for yourself.

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