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Bitch is Back!

D-Nast is back

Daddy’s here!

After 4 months of jerking off, D-Nast is finally back! And I’m so sorry I ever went away!

Sadly, I’ve been preoccupied by a variety of personal reasons: 

But now that I’m back, you needn’t worry about getting the latest dish on: 

That’s right, I’m back and I’m back with a vengeance …2013 is gonna be one fantabulous year! Hee-haw!!

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He Is D-Nast FINALE Episode!!!

Hey Bitches!
So after 11 glorious weeks of infecting your ears on the internet airwaves, my He Is D-Nast Radio Show has come to an end (for now). Sad, I know, but don’t worry – you can always check back here or at my Twatter to find out what I’m up to. Or you could grab that bottle of two-buck-chuck and listen to my final episode!
My D-Nast crew and I reminisce and tell funny stories about each other, intern K performs a raunchy reading of 50 Shades of Grey and we check in with our L.A. correspondent, James, to find out the latest happenings in the Hollywood Hills.
Special thanks to Boston’s UNregular Radio as well as to Improv Asylum for all of your help.
Toodles, sluts!
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Funny Bone(R) – Celebs Read Their Haters’ Tweets on Jimmy Kimmel Live

Apologies for the lack of posts lately, my loyal followers. Work has been cray, as has my social life and D-Nast is prepping for a 2012 world tour trip to Chitown!

I came across this video though, and had to share it with you all. Now, I know firsthand that being a celebrity on the internet is hard work. Keeping my followers satiated with constant content is already tough enough, but then batting away haters — well, that’s another full time JOB.

Jimmy Kimmel invited a bunch of celebrities (ahem, I guess my invite got lost in the mail, Jimmy!), including Justin Bieber, Katy Perry and David Spade,  to read their haters’ tweets aloud. Hilarity ensues. Watch the video below.

And if you’re not following D-Nast on Twatter, you better be now: @heisdnast!

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D-Nast Tweet Featured on E!’s Fashion Police!

Holy fuck balls! I can’t believe it. My stupid little Katie Holmes tweet was featured on the episode of Fashion Police last night on E! …And they even retweeted me! Dreams do come true people. Fashion Police this week, next week I’ll be Mrs. Ryan Gosling. Mmmmh!!!

So happy that the old washed-up beef-curtain supreme, Joan Rivers, recognizes a good tweet when she sees one.

P.S. Kelly Osbourne call me (maybe) and share your purple hair secret. Daddy needs to be eggplant-chic too.

My tweet on the 7/13/12 Episode of E!’s Fashion Police. Eat me, Joan Rivers!

The show re-tweeted me too!

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High School Reunion Update and More!

You totes need to check out this week’s episode of He is D-Nast Radio. I talk about my super cray high school reunion, Mary-Kate Olsen and blow jobs!

Special thanks to Boston’s UNregular Radio as well as to Improv Asylum for all of your help.

Listen to episode 7 below and make sure to tune in LIVE next Sunday at 12:00 p.m. E.T. on UNregular Radio’s MEOW channel.

LISTEN HERE –> He is D-Nast Radio – Episode 7

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Future Arrested Stalker – Miley Edition

I love Miley myself, but this man has certainly crossed the line into psychopath territory. I demand extra security on Ms. Cyrus IMMEDIATELY. Stay strong girl.

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Faux Celebrity Spotting!

Hahaha, Smashley just showed me this and I started dying because this is totes me every time I’m in LA.

Therefore, this shall be my funny bone(r) as I head to improv training for the night. ❤


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Kris Jenner Sharts! The World Keeps on Turning.

Not only did this celeb stage mom “momager” shart, but she lived to tell her 2 million+ Twitter followers about it! While I can TOTALLY  relate, I think this is a bit TMI for an old lady. Seriously, whoever taught this woman how to use urban dictionary and a Blackberry camera should be punished. Lay off the Pinot Grigio, Kris!

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Stodden Stalking: New Single “Reality” and Looking Phenomenal!

I’ve said it once (well, I’ve actually said it a 1,000 times) and I’ll say it again: I LOVES me some Courtney Stodden. She’s ALWAYS, absolutely always, entertaining me.

If you don’t know who she is yet, find out now.

Heart you C. Stodd!

BEST PART: The awkward moment when this video is age restricted and the person in the video herself is not even 18 yet.

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Funny Bone(R) – Amy Poehler on Jimmy Fallon

One of my favorite strong female leads, Amy Poehler, tickled my funny bone when she appeared on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon (do me!) recently. The pair of comedians, who are obviously friends outside of “the biz,” had a great time goofing off, showing off mock movie posters featuring themselves as models and even did some fun celebrity impressions. Watch and laugh via the link below!

Amy Poehler and Jimmy Fallon

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