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Musically, I’m a Lesbian

It’s no secret that I have the musical tastes of any American lesbian. I love me some Sara Bareilles, Rachel Yamagata, Colbie Caillat, Kelly Clarkson. The only music lesbians and I differ on is Nickleback. God they’re awful!

Anyways, the real reason for this post is tonight I’m seeing live the mother load of all lesbian music: Tegan and Sara! Of course I’ve seen them live before… I mean what kind of faux lesbian would I be had I not? But it doesn’t mean I’m any less giddy to see those chicas in action again. Especially since their new album, Heartthrob, drops on Tuesday. I’m already digging first track, Closer, and I can’t wait to hear more juicy love tunes tonight. 5 hours to go!

This vid of my favorite song I Know I Know I Know will have to tie me over till then. Enjoy!


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Bitch is Back!

D-Nast is back

Daddy’s here!

After 4 months of jerking off, D-Nast is finally back! And I’m so sorry I ever went away!

Sadly, I’ve been preoccupied by a variety of personal reasons: 

But now that I’m back, you needn’t worry about getting the latest dish on: 

That’s right, I’m back and I’m back with a vengeance …2013 is gonna be one fantabulous year! Hee-haw!!

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He Is D-Nast FINALE Episode!!!

Hey Bitches!
So after 11 glorious weeks of infecting your ears on the internet airwaves, my He Is D-Nast Radio Show has come to an end (for now). Sad, I know, but don’t worry – you can always check back here or at my Twatter to find out what I’m up to. Or you could grab that bottle of two-buck-chuck and listen to my final episode!
My D-Nast crew and I reminisce and tell funny stories about each other, intern K performs a raunchy reading of 50 Shades of Grey and we check in with our L.A. correspondent, James, to find out the latest happenings in the Hollywood Hills.
Special thanks to Boston’s UNregular Radio as well as to Improv Asylum for all of your help.
Toodles, sluts!
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Funny Bone(R) – Celebs Read Their Haters’ Tweets on Jimmy Kimmel Live

Apologies for the lack of posts lately, my loyal followers. Work has been cray, as has my social life and D-Nast is prepping for a 2012 world tour trip to Chitown!

I came across this video though, and had to share it with you all. Now, I know firsthand that being a celebrity on the internet is hard work. Keeping my followers satiated with constant content is already tough enough, but then batting away haters — well, that’s another full time JOB.

Jimmy Kimmel invited a bunch of celebrities (ahem, I guess my invite got lost in the mail, Jimmy!), including Justin Bieber, Katy Perry and David Spade,  to read their haters’ tweets aloud. Hilarity ensues. Watch the video below.

And if you’re not following D-Nast on Twatter, you better be now: @heisdnast!

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D-Nast Tweet Featured on E!’s Fashion Police!

Holy fuck balls! I can’t believe it. My stupid little Katie Holmes tweet was featured on the episode of Fashion Police last night on E! …And they even retweeted me! Dreams do come true people. Fashion Police this week, next week I’ll be Mrs. Ryan Gosling. Mmmmh!!!

So happy that the old washed-up beef-curtain supreme, Joan Rivers, recognizes a good tweet when she sees one.

P.S. Kelly Osbourne call me (maybe) and share your purple hair secret. Daddy needs to be eggplant-chic too.

My tweet on the 7/13/12 Episode of E!’s Fashion Police. Eat me, Joan Rivers!

The show re-tweeted me too!

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D-Nast Judges The X-Factor

Intern Kay and I pose for the paps at The X-Factor taping in Providence, RI

Happy Sunday kittens! Hopefully you’re drinking the day away like me, in denial that tomorrow is Monday! Anyways, I wanted to fill you all in about my Friday night visit to Rhode Island to see a taping of The X-Factor, a singing competition reality show starring Simon Cowell, L.A. Reid, Demi Lovato and BRITNEY SPEARS as judges. Yes, I said Britney and I hope you jizzed as much as I did at the thought of seeing America’s favorite pop princess in person.

The D-Nast dream team (me, Smash and intern Kay) headed down to Providence on Friday afternoon after cutting out of work early. We decided to pre-party at my favorite trashy restaurant/barcade, Dave & Busters. The tables were sticky, but it was worth it because daddy loves himself some sliders and buffalo wings! Plus, we got to make complete asses of ourselves playing arcade games.What’s not to love?

Then it was time for the action. We trotted across the street and waited in a hot, sweaty line of tween girls and closeted gays to file into the arena. The taping was emcee’d by some douchebag who used to host a show that aired at 3 a.m. called Street Smarts. He was lame and his jokes weren’t funny but the dumb tweens in the house ate it up when he played One Direction.

As for the judges, here are my observations:

  • Simon – just as crochety and lame as you’d expect him to be
  • L.A. Reid – dressed in a suit and kind of boring, but sometimes he brought the sass
  • Britney – Poor girl must be seriously depressed or on some conflicting meds because she could barely formulate a sentence, even though she was supposed to be giving feedback to the contestants. Her fiance/manager/robot controller (Jason Trawick), kept coming over to her during breaks to feed her lines in her ear. It was sad. I wish Brit Brit could be the fierce diva that America wants her to be.
  • Demi Lovato – Uber bitch! I was honestly disappointed with her. You know I love me some Demi but she was really mean to somemost of the contestants and she didn’t articulate herself very well. It’ll be interesting to see how they edit her on the show.

    Demi was a tad rude for my liking.

The contestants were mostly alright, but there was some serious stand-out talent that I cannot wait to see on TV, including:

  • An adorable school nurse rapper named “Miss Graphic.”
  • A 13-year-old girl with the most soulful voice ever who sang Nina Simone’s “Feeling Good” …it escapes me (too many drugs), but her name was Carly something.
  • A crazy young country-style chick who sang Carrie Underwood’s “Before He Cheats,” with a cracked-out emphasis on the line, “I’M DRUNK.” Homegirl was like, 12.
  • Jillian Jensen, who got a standing ovation from all 4 judges (and who made Demi cry with her touching performance and talk about combating bullies).

Strong female leads all around! All in all it was a fun time.  Listen to this week’s D-Nast Radio episode for a full recap of the experience. What’d you do this weekend, D-Nasters?

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The Gays on ‘Magic Mike’

As I’ve yet to see Magic Mike (but I’ve got a quarter chub just thinking about it), I have to rely on the dish from these funny gays until Joe Manganiello is actually able to pop my cherry (hopefully it’ll happen tomorrow …or tonight in my wet dreams).

However, I am quite shocked to read this AM that the R rated comedy, Ted, is actually kicking Magic Mike’s box office ass thus far this weekend (Way to show Mike who’s the top, Ted!).  Although I did work as an extra in Ted last summer (it’s during a party scene and you probably won’t be able to see me as the producers smartly hid me behind two attractive people), I’d still rather waste my ten bucks to go see Magic Mike this weekend …and I think you all know why. Could this be the Coyote Ugly of this generation? Time will tell …until then let me know your thoughts about the film.

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High School Reunion Update and More!

You totes need to check out this week’s episode of He is D-Nast Radio. I talk about my super cray high school reunion, Mary-Kate Olsen and blow jobs!

Special thanks to Boston’s UNregular Radio as well as to Improv Asylum for all of your help.

Listen to episode 7 below and make sure to tune in LIVE next Sunday at 12:00 p.m. E.T. on UNregular Radio’s MEOW channel.

LISTEN HERE –> He is D-Nast Radio – Episode 7

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Future Arrested Stalker – Miley Edition

I love Miley myself, but this man has certainly crossed the line into psychopath territory. I demand extra security on Ms. Cyrus IMMEDIATELY. Stay strong girl.

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Amanda Bynes Goes Even Further Off the Deep End

Amanda Bynes reminded us just how delusional and self-obsessed celebrities are yesterday when she tweeted a plea at President Barack Obama, maintaing her innocence from her alleged DUI in West Hollywood back in April. She asked President Obama via Twitter to fire the cop who arrested her, as if he’s got nothing better to do than intervene in the lives of D-list celebrities. What a hot mess.

Amanda sweetie, maybe you should let your lawyers/publicists/AA sponsors do the talking for you. THE END.

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