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Who Posed It Better?

Who Posed it Better: D-Nast or The Real Housewives of NYC’s Sonja Morgan

If you’re a fan of RHONY like I am, then you too love yourself some drunken Sonja “I have a taste for luxury and luxury has a taste for me” Morgan.

Which is why I was sooooo delighted to discover this week that bitch stole my twitter profile look for her own. This was EXACTLY what I wanted for my b-day! Love you Sonja ❤

Girl def looks ferosh, but you be the judge, who posed it better?

Who posed it better?

Who posed it better?

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D-Nast Tweet Featured on E!’s Fashion Police!

Holy fuck balls! I can’t believe it. My stupid little Katie Holmes tweet was featured on the episode of Fashion Police last night on E! …And they even retweeted me! Dreams do come true people. Fashion Police this week, next week I’ll be Mrs. Ryan Gosling. Mmmmh!!!

So happy that the old washed-up beef-curtain supreme, Joan Rivers, recognizes a good tweet when she sees one.

P.S. Kelly Osbourne call me (maybe) and share your purple hair secret. Daddy needs to be eggplant-chic too.

My tweet on the 7/13/12 Episode of E!’s Fashion Police. Eat me, Joan Rivers!

The show re-tweeted me too!

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