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No Beyonce? Solange for your birthday!

SolangeFor a gay’s 29th 25th special day there’s only one thing he could possibly want: Beyonce. That hair, those moves, that strut. Unfortunately for me, Diva’s not in town for February 19, 2013. So I did what any self-respecting/desperate gay would do, I bought tickets to go see Solange. That’s right, Daddy’s getting close to the Knowles’ DNA tonight at Paradise Rock Club in Boston.

Now Solange is certainly no Mrs. Carter, but to give credit where credit’s due she has established herself as more relevant than Michelle Williams in recent years. So girl should be proud.

No, all kidding aside, Solange has actually developed quite the delicious indie music career. And if you don’t believe me then check out her 2008 songs I Decided and Sandcastle Disco for yourself. In fact, I’m actually super excited to see the younger Knowles tonight, especially to hear her perform new single, Losing You, which was featured on the season 2 premiere of (D-Nast’s new favorite show) HBO’s Girls.

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Musically, I’m a Lesbian

It’s no secret that I have the musical tastes of any American lesbian. I love me some Sara Bareilles, Rachel Yamagata, Colbie Caillat, Kelly Clarkson. The only music lesbians and I differ on is Nickleback. God they’re awful!

Anyways, the real reason for this post is tonight I’m seeing live the mother load of all lesbian music: Tegan and Sara! Of course I’ve seen them live before… I mean what kind of faux lesbian would I be had I not? But it doesn’t mean I’m any less giddy to see those chicas in action again. Especially since their new album, Heartthrob, drops on Tuesday. I’m already digging first track, Closer, and I can’t wait to hear more juicy love tunes tonight. 5 hours to go!

This vid of my favorite song I Know I Know I Know will have to tie me over till then. Enjoy!


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Harry Potter – A Bon-er Fide Do Me!

Daniel Radcliffe - EquusEveryone’s favorite Hogwarts hottie, Daniel Radcliffe, is about to make D-Nast lose his virginity mind. Because homeboy is gonna get gay for his new film, Kill Your Darlings. The film, currently showing at Sundance, is a biopic on the late gay beatnik poet, Allen Ginsberg, played by our little Harry, himself. Daniel Radcliffe even has a dirty gay sex scene in the movie! I’ll take two tickets please. The movie also features my favorite overshadowing younger sister up-and-coming star, Elizabeth Olsen. I haven’t been this happy about a Harry Potter endeavor since he humped that horse in Equus!

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Procrastinate! Listen to He is D-Nast Radio Episode 5 Now

Amidst Pride, episode 5 is here! Listen to me, Smashley, and intern Kay discuss the week’s hottest issues (in D-Nast’s mind): Lindsay Lohan, Amanda Bynes, and Miley!

Special thanks to Boston’s UNregular Radio as well as to Improv Asylum for all of your help.

Listen to episode 5 below and make sure to tune in LIVE next Sunday at 12:00 p.m. E.T. on UNregular Radio’s MEOW channel.

LISTEN HERE –> He is D-Nast Radio – Episode 5

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He is D-Nast Radio Episode 4

Completed episode 4 with my #1 bitch, Smashley, this morning! And now the ep’s here for you to play over and over again (I recommend vodka shots every time I make Smashley say “ew.” )

Special thanks to Boston’s UNregular Radio as well as to Improv Asylum for all of your help.

Listen to episode 4 below and make sure to tune in LIVE next Sunday at 12:00 p.m. E.T. on UNregular Radio’s MEOW channel.


LISTEN HERE –> He is D-Nast Radio – Episode 4

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Woke Up Another Morning Feeling Like a Beast and Really Wishing I Was Belle…

I have to admit, this morning I needed a pick me up and my toaster strudel just wasn’t getting it done. Thankfully, this video exists and, once again,  it got my day off  to a joyous start. Never gets old.

I really want to kiss the gay that created this shiz.

P.S. Should I be Belle for Halloween? What do you think?

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Some gay art for your happy home

Fab.com is selling some amazing drag queen art. Loves it! Maybe D-Nast will have a drag photo shoot. Who here would wear a photo of my ass in a thong on a t-shirt? Don’t all raise your hands at once.

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D-Nast pops up in two videos for The Welcoming Committee!

The Welcoming Committee (TWC) is a new movement birthed from Boston’s infamous Guerrilla Queer Bar (GQB) events. GQB has always been a favorite cray and gay destination for D-Nast …let’s just say he’s had his fair share of  hand jobs kisses during GQB nights (not to mention about a 1,000 vodka-crans!).

Anyways, TWC is a movement for LGBT people to experience every bar, concert, sports game, and major travel destination the same way the straights do.  TWC is setting out to build the world’s largest LGBT community through unusually activist-y events. And this summer they’re launching Wet Hot Guerrilla Summer (a summer-long festival of GQB takeovers). Sounds fun to me! Somebody get D-Nast a Mai Tai stat (and some lube)!

Better yet, D-Nast is making a cameo in some of their Wet Hot promotional videos! Check out the first two now!

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Good thing I listened to these Top 10 GAY Memorial Day traveling tips

Pam Ann (everyone’s favorite air-hostess/bitch), courtesy of Out Magazine, gave us just the advice we needed for our Memorial Day gay adventures. I suggest you follow her top ten traveling tips as well:

10. Only pack a carry on. C’mon gays, you don’t need five pairs of Gucci Toe Thongs and 14 Tom Ford crocodile hot pants—despite what you read in Out magazine.

9. If you are traveling with kids, don’t forget to pack Xanax for their milk. Or better yet, leave them at home. They ruin everything.

8. It’s OK to masturbate quietly in your seat but, for goodness sake, do not yell: “It’s going to blow!” when you’re about to release. That kind of talk scares passengers.

…Click here for the rest of Pam Ann’s gay traveling tips.

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Daddy Anderson Cooper Schools Bigoted Bitch

This chick needs to write a book filled with all of her well-thought out and perfectly articulated arguments.

“And on the third day, God created the Remington bolt-action rifle, so that man could fight the dinosaurs …and the homosexuals” -MEAN GIRLS

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