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Bitch is Back!

D-Nast is back

Daddy’s here!

After 4 months of jerking off, D-Nast is finally back! And I’m so sorry I ever went away!

Sadly, I’ve been preoccupied by a variety of personal reasons: 

But now that I’m back, you needn’t worry about getting the latest dish on: 

That’s right, I’m back and I’m back with a vengeance …2013 is gonna be one fantabulous year! Hee-haw!!

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Man Eats 31 Different Hot Dogs In a Month – Please!

Meaty goodness.

Wow, someone’s a slut…and I swear, it ain’t me!

National Hot Dog Month is July and Natick man daddy, Rob Merlino, plans to travel throughout New England to smoke a different dick eat  a different hot dog each day. Rob will visit the best vendors, shops and restaurants throughout the region and has even garnered some corporate sponsors (Pearl Franks) to support his orgy tour.  Rob is no stranger to processed meat (I’m sure!), as he previously ran his own hot dog truck for 6 years.

First off, D-Nast is jealous! We all know I’m most certainly a huge fan of hot dogs, sausage and of course, the peen. Rob, if you’re reading, please take me with you!

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Hooker Sells Hotdogs and an Old Fashioned. Two For One!

Who wants sauerkraut?

The New York Post reports that a 45-year-old Long Island woman was arrested last week (FOR THE SECOND TIME) for selling hot dogs and handjobs out of a camper on the side of the road. Sounds fabulous!

Who wants sauerkraut?

The first instance occurred in 2004, after which, the woman served a four-year stint in jail for prostitution. Honestly, D-Nast doesn’t see what the big deal is …the idea of a big juicy hot dog always gets me in a certain frame of mind too. I especially like red hot dogs (they have an outer red casing and are from my home state, Maine!). Best of all, they SNAP when you bite in.

They need to leave this cougar alone. Girl’s just trying to live the American dream …she wants to have her hot dog AND eat it too. Teehee.

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