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Harry Potter – A Bon-er Fide Do Me!

Daniel Radcliffe - EquusEveryone’s favorite Hogwarts hottie, Daniel Radcliffe, is about to make D-Nast lose his virginity mind. Because homeboy is gonna get gay for his new film, Kill Your Darlings. The film, currently showing at Sundance, is a biopic on the late gay beatnik poet, Allen Ginsberg, played by our little Harry, himself. Daniel Radcliffe even has a dirty gay sex scene in the movie! I’ll take two tickets please. The movie also features my favorite overshadowing younger sister up-and-coming star, Elizabeth Olsen. I haven’t been this happy about a Harry Potter endeavor since he humped that horse in Equus!

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The Gays on ‘Magic Mike’

As I’ve yet to see Magic Mike (but I’ve got a quarter chub just thinking about it), I have to rely on the dish from these funny gays until Joe Manganiello is actually able to pop my cherry (hopefully it’ll happen tomorrow …or tonight in my wet dreams).

However, I am quite shocked to read this AM that the R rated comedy, Ted, is actually kicking Magic Mike’s box office ass thus far this weekend (Way to show Mike who’s the top, Ted!).  Although I did work as an extra in Ted last summer (it’s during a party scene and you probably won’t be able to see me as the producers smartly hid me behind two attractive people), I’d still rather waste my ten bucks to go see Magic Mike this weekend …and I think you all know why. Could this be the Coyote Ugly of this generation? Time will tell …until then let me know your thoughts about the film.

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