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Funny Bone(R) – SNL “Fifty Shades of Grey” Amazon Commercial

Happy Monday, my faithful 17 readers! Hope you all had a NASTY weekend!

I myself wasted 70 minutes of my life that I will never get back, watching fast-forwarding through the latest episode of Saturday Night Live. I should have known better not to even record an episode where an athlete is the host (SNORE), BUT the episode did have one amazing redeeming sketch.

Capitalizing on the proximity of Mother’s Day (it’s just around the corner kiddies) and the raging popularity of the beloved made-for-moms sex novel, Fifty Shades of Grey, SNL concocted the perfect skit that poked fun at moms who diddle their skittles while reading this nasty book. Click here to see the hilarity for yourself.

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SNL Geniousity: The Californians

OMG this is POISON! Deadly amazingness. SNL debuted a new mock soap opera sketch last night called The Californians that made me squirt a lil laughter pee while watching. My favorite sketches (by far) are always the ones where the cast can’t hold their shit together …Bill Hader, you get me so good. This sketch is LaLaLand perfection. From the creepy, sun-fried faces to their over-the-top surfer meets LA fucktard voices, EVERYTHING about this sketch is OOC (definition 6) in a good way. Thankfully, it reminded me to avoid the 405 at all costs when I’m back in town next week and to enjoy a sangria in a Mexican country-style chair.

P.S. I used to work at a Coffee Twat on South Beverly…. can’t wait to get an ice blended.

YOU MUST WATCH and APPRECIATE this GEM for yourselves!

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Comedic Inspiration for the Night

Final show practice tonight before my IMPROV debut on Monday! (Get tix here.) I’m beyond pumped for the show. Hopefully, it won’t take too many hits of gravel to actually make me a funny bitch.

Anyways, tonight’s Funny Bone(R) comes from Bill Hader who plays the brilliant Stefon character on SNL. Loves it when he can’t handle himself and breaks character. Watch the original Stefon sketch here.


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So how was Lilo on SNL?

All in all, not the worst episode I’ve seen… Yes, in the “Scared Straight” sketch Lindsay was blatantly reading from cue cards as she fumbled her way through the act, but how high of expectations can you have for her nowadays? To be honest, I was happy she made it through an entire episode. Unfortunately, It did seem like she was a sidekick in most of the skits as opposed to the star, but overall, I didn’t think many of the skits were written that well anyways. The best sketch by far was the pre-taped Real Housewives of Disney, and then, I suppose, House Sitting (but mostly because of the always-funny Kristen Wiig). However, I truly enjoyed Lindsanity’s delivery in her opening monologue …it actually made me giggle. However, I bet she was, once again, reading cue cards.  What were your thoughts?

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Comedic Inspiration for the Night!

Since I’m currently reading Bossy Pants, I think it’s only appropriate that tonight’s comedic inspiration come from Sarah Palin lookalike, Tina Fey!  And if you haven’t read Bossy Pants I highly recommend you skip this week’s bikini wax and pick up a copy today because it tickles my giggle box at least every other paragraph. Not only has Tina Fey worked her magic on SNL, on 30 Rock and by writing the greatest movie of all time, Mean Girls, but she TOO also got her start doing improv. Woo woo!

Sadly, tonight is my last class for Improv 101, however, good things ARE on the horizon. This means that I can happily begin Improv 201, it also means that my improv student show is fastly approaching (March 12th, bitches. Buy tix now.), and finally it means that the second my class ends at 9:00 PM, I’ll be heading over to (fingers crossed) perform a set in the 10:00 PM Comedy Lottery at Improv Boston.  We’ll see if my 2 Bud Light Limes get me in the stand up mood or not OR if my name is even drawn to perform in the lottery …don’t worry though, it will be. Even if I have to pay for it. And you should probably come see me because I may very well be making fun of you.  Besides, what kind of loser spends their time reading this shit anyways? I kid. I kid. I love that you read my shit. Please keep READING my shit.

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One of my fav XXX-MAS memories

I watched this video for the first time via SNL on a drunken December 2002 night in Maine. I spent the evening with some very great friends and this will never be unfunny to me …my best friend’s giggle really kicks in the nostalgia too.


Wanna get DIRTY! Get it fired up in a HURRY!

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