Vintage Sonja Morgan!

An old modeling shot of one of my favorite Real Housewives of NYC, Sonja “I cook in a toaster oven and never wear panties” Morgan, surfaced on Bravo’s Facebook page and I couldn’t be happier!

What a fox! Someone keeps up with her bikini waxes!

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Adorable Piglet Melts My Cold Heart!

Adorable Piglet Melts My Cold Heart!

Freaking cute!

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Kris Jenner Sharts! The World Keeps on Turning.

Not only did this celeb stage mom “momager” shart, but she lived to tell her 2 million+ Twitter followers about it! While I can TOTALLY  relate, I think this is a bit TMI for an old lady. Seriously, whoever taught this woman how to use urban dictionary and a Blackberry camera should be punished. Lay off the Pinot Grigio, Kris!

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Funny Bone(R) – SNL “Fifty Shades of Grey” Amazon Commercial

Happy Monday, my faithful 17 readers! Hope you all had a NASTY weekend!

I myself wasted 70 minutes of my life that I will never get back, watching fast-forwarding through the latest episode of Saturday Night Live. I should have known better not to even record an episode where an athlete is the host (SNORE), BUT the episode did have one amazing redeeming sketch.

Capitalizing on the proximity of Mother’s Day (it’s just around the corner kiddies) and the raging popularity of the beloved made-for-moms sex novel, Fifty Shades of Grey, SNL concocted the perfect skit that poked fun at moms who diddle their skittles while reading this nasty book. Click here to see the hilarity for yourself.

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Beyonce Named World’s Most Beautiful Woman; D-Nast a Close Second

My girl Beyonce was named World’s Most Beautiful Woman by People Magazine. I mean, I guess if D-Nast himself wasn’t going to get this award, then B is the next best thing. Just watch out Queen B, because I’m campaigning for next year! Team D-Nast!

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Ready for my close up!

This tweet gave me a funny bone(r).  Of course, I would LOVE to have my photos zoomed in on because I look good from any angle!

By the way, hopefully you’re all following D-Nast on Twatter .

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Stodden Stalkin This Weekend

Oh my god, to be a fly on the wall in this house. I can’t even begin to imagine the hilarity that must go down. What I would give to walk just one day in those stripper heels…

Here’s what our favorite Courtney Stodden was up to this weekend:

Please Pound My Poonani Piehole


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Behind the scenes of my first music video shoot!

Full video and first official song parody coming soon! YOU. WILL. DIE.

Get it girl!